At RKDE Designs I provide an adaptable, client tailored design consultancy . I provide a full design & development service using core engineering skills, high end software, reverse engineering, and prototyping equipment enabling me to quickly and efficiently deliver a quality design service tailored to suite your exact needs.

My Clients

Many of my clients have been using me for their whole design and engineering support. My technical ability means that all design and engineering is taken care of and my clients can continue to operate without having to worry about staff, training, software / hardware costs and everything else which is related to running a design and engineering team.

Our clients believe I am an important asset, being able to use my freelance services when required with set budgets ensuring that they are in full control which for most companies is vital.

If you would like to talk to me about being a client and how I can fit into your company, the costs associated, and how I ¬†could be a benefit to you, contact me, send an email, ask me to call you…

My History

RKDE Designs was created and started to trade in 2007 when, after working for several engineering companies within design and engineering, decided it was time for a change and hence RKDE Designs was incorporated.

RKDE Designs has a wide and varied background from conceptual design through to manufacture, quality control, and batch production. Over the years I have had the fortune to work with some exceptional companies. I have spent much time with locking system, domestic and commercial including multipoint locking systems and cylinders, hydraulic magnetic filters systems, automotive cell layout and planning, shower enclosures and bathroom fittings, trailers for testing, bumper washing and drying systems for OEM first tier. I have a wide background and continue to grow, though the page simply isn’t big enough to continue listing my freelance history…

My Mission

My missions is simple, work as hard as I can to meet your expectations and deliver a constant high quality service, where the design and engineering service seamlessly fits within your company.

I can offer many services to ensure that when you ask for assistance I can help and where you do not see the service then I am sure that I can step up to the mark and manage your expectations.