Magnom Filter

Magnom approached us and asked for a magnom filter which would suite their OEM filter needs. Working closely with Magnom and their customer, the filter went through many changes prior to production. Samples were created and tested throughout ensuring the customer had what they required. Magnom’s powerful magnetic filter was used within the product.

The aim of the design was to deliver a simple to fit pre filter solution which could be fitted to a selection of spin on filters. The unit must be able to be clamped on tightly without sustaining any damage internally but also importantly the unit must not leak while under pressure. The Magnom filter was designed to be robust and installer friendly ensuring that it is not possible to install the unit incorrectly even in the dark.

Packaging was created for the OEM resellers which highlighted the particular product and provided all the required instructions and fitting details. All of the art was produced at RKDE Designs with the input from Magnom.


magnom filter

Magnom Filter PFU 600

Magnom Filter PFU 600