We were approached by RedRavenRacing who had an innovative design and were looking for a design consultancy to help develop there product. The idea was a set of goggles used for motocross, however they are unique in that they have the worlds first and only cleaning system built into them.

RedRavenRacing bought the concept to us for development which led to us developing the goggles for manufacturing, ensuring no water ingress, and helping find the right people to get the goggles manufactured.

The goggles are now in production and being sold world wide and used throughout various mototcross events.

Check out the video below to see them in action.

RedRavenRacing Goggles

Have a look through RedRavenRacings website for more details on the goggles in the link below

UPDATE! In late 2011 RedRavenRacing came back to us regarding the housing for the battery pack PCB. It was realised that customers wanted to be able jet wash the product resulting in a need to fully waterproof the housing. We re designed the housing to include a seal between the 2 sides and new clip features and then removed the mechanical fixings to reduce part count and therefore cost.

redraven box