Supercharger bracket

We had an individual approach us asking us to design a set of brackets to mount a supercharger to his engine. We took the necessary measurements and begun designing the brackets keeping in mind the customers requirements that they were strong enough to take the load that would be put through them and still light enough to not add unnecessary weight.

Once we had a design our customer was happy with we conducted a series of FEA studies on the the brackets to ensure they would be strong enough for the job.

After we had determined our design was strong enough we used our in house rapid prototyping facilities to print the brackets in ABS, these were then used to test for sizing and ensure the supercharger sat exactly where it should do.

After we were sure the brackets were correct we used our relationship with a machine shop to have the brackets CNC machined. They are now being used on the car and work exactly as expected. From design, through to prototyping, to finished product in 2 weeks!