Volumatic approached RKDE Designs to help their engineering department with new product development. We have worked with volumatic to help develop many new products and also re engineered existing products to fix the issues they were experiencing with them. We have used our vast knowledge of prototyping to prototype many new products for Volumatic, these have ranged from using our inhouse 3D printing facilities for small to medium items to our contacts with specialist prototyping companies to produce large items. Have a look below to see the process of one of our parts for Volumatic.



After this range of successful prototypes Volumatic set us a new challenge – to print the items below within 0.3grams of each other. We really didn’t know what to expect with this, but always enjoying a new challenge we tried our Uprint as it produces very reliable, repeatable items. The result? The items printed well within the specified tollerance with a variation of only 0.2grams! We now have a new reliable way for Volumatic to produce these prototypes.