At RKDE Designs we tailor our services to meet your needs, we understand that not every company is the same and no one package suits everyone.
We understand budget controlling factors, we understand tight timescales and therefore we work to your specifications and needs.

Browse the services we offer, if you do not see the design and development service listed please contact us.

We work to support and guide our clients. Our services are customised to your needs.

Development and design is not always straight forward and we hope our services can guide and support your needs.

3D Rapid prototyping

Being predominantly design based we believe it is vital to ensure that we can quickly turn designs into physical parts. […]

Inspiration to Production

Are you an inventor or do you have an idea? Do you need help to get the product designed and developed, perhaps you also require working prototypes to help you sell your idea. […]

2D to 3D

We understand many design engineers have at one time had to work on existing components which are controlled by faded, worn 2D prints. […]

Design Support

Do you need support on recent or future projects? Contact us and see how flexible we can be to your requirements. […]

Product Design

Using our wealth of knowledge and our working history within many engineering disciplines we can design your new product. […]

CAD Management

RKDE Designs offer virtual CAD management for Solidworks. The principal of this service means that you don't need an on site CAD manager. […]

Reverse Engineering

Our service saves hours of guess work with a calliper. Our team can digitise the existing parts and develop new components provided in your required format. […]

FEA Material Study

Knowing how the designed part is going to perform under stress, heat, pressure and under working conditions is critical to ensure that your product stands the test of time and external factors. […]


RKDE Designs offers a full rendering service where we can deliver renderings for new designs or existing parts for catalogues, sales, and other media applications. […]


We can help with all your manufacturing from small one off parts and fabrication to full production. We have many facilities for manufacture, fabrication, and assembly. […]