3D Rapid prototyping

Being predominantly design based we believe it is vital to ensure that we can quickly turn designs into physical parts which can be used to test the concept and also offers an excellent talking point between clients, rapid prototyping allows use to go from concept to a model in hours.

Having our prototyping machine on site means we can offer savings to our clients and have a quicker turn around with the function of trying different materials and builds. Over the years we have even been able to use the printer for small production runs due to the structure and strength of the FDM ABS+ plastic.

We use Stratasys FDM technology to provide prints which are strong and ready to use in many applications, the machine holds very good tolerances and the plastic printed can be plated, painted, or just left in its raw state.

If you would like to see a sample part or you wish to now more about our rapid prototyping services please contact us and lets us know, we will send one out.

As well as running FDM machines we also have access to many other forms of prototype and may be able to offer a better price than bureaus. If you have a need for 3D printing you may find it more cost effective or even quicker to try our prototyping service. The FDM technology prints are more robust and realistic than both SLS andSLA. The ABS allows you to add screws, rivets and will act like native ABS.

We can normally turn your parts round within 24 hours of delivery and if required the lead time can be made even shorter depending on the size of the part.

Send the part through to us for quotation and you may find that we are very competitive with our pricing

If you would like any more information or need some help with small batch production please contact us

Some past projects printed used as test brackets and pre production

Structural ABS bracket for trial

Structural ABS bracket for trial

Swing arm use on product testing in an everyday product

Supercharger bracket used to test fit before manufacture

Supercharger bracket used to test fit before manufacture

Support platform use on product testing