SolidWorks & windows 10

It was decided that we would try SolidWorks on a fresh windows 10 install and check out what the future looks like. Initially I found that the system looked to be stable. I decided to use the machine in daily use and the more I am using it the more I am seeing error messages “has encountered a problem and has had to close”
The error is now predictable and happens every time, the operation is to try and save sheet metal parts as DXF or from within the 2D drawing module save as will take the system down every time.

Other than the above error the system has been working very well and we will continue to test however at this moment we can only conclude that for a working machine Solidworks and Windows 10 are not working together as well as we would all like.

Test SolidWorks 2014 SP4.0 64 bit on a clean Windows 10 Pro 64 bit